Zohar Sharon Biography

Zohar Sharon and Shimshon Levi (Israel, B1)

 Zohar Sharon and Shimshon Levi, IsraelZohar Sharon comes from Israel, and was born in the 1950s. His guide is his lifelong friend, and former army colleague, Shimshon Levi.

Zohar served as a sniper in the Paratroopers Brigade and lost his sight during his service at the age of 23. Despite the fact that he lost his eyesight over 40 years ago, Zohar developed a remarkable ability on the greens of fairways of local courses. He took up the sport 20 years ago. Initially, it took him almost three months just to hit the ball. Once he had mastered striking the ball, he continued practicing until he reached his potential- he can now complete a full 18 hole and practices every day, except Saturdays. In July 2005 Sharon won the Caesarea Golf Club’s Level Three Tournament for individual players and a month later, together with sighted golfer Asher Siso, he came in first place at the Level Three Israeli pairs’ championship. In both competitions Sharon beat a large group of non- disabled, seeing golfers. He holds the title of World Blind Golf Champion, in the B1 sight category, for the years 2004, 2008, 2010, 2012, 2014 2016 and 2018. He also came in first place in many British Open and European tournaments for Blind Golfers, in his sight category.

Zohar is a member of the Zahal Disabled Veterans Organization and a Goodwill Ambassador on its behalf in Exhibition Games and Tournaments around the world.

Something interesting about Zohar is that he is married and the father of three children. He studied at the AVNI Institute of Art and Design, where he developed a special painting technique. He is also a registered physiotherapist.