Ty Thomson Biography

Ty Thomson and Kevin Lemmon (U.S.A., B2)

Ty Thompson and Kevin Lemmon, Kentucky, U.S.A.Ty comes from Kentucky, U.S.A, and was born in the 1960s. His aid is Canadian Kevin Lemmon, who was guide to Brian McLeod, and is a friend to Ty.

Ty has won the US national championship four times both gross and net, He has won numerous regionals in Wisconsin Arizona and Kentucky and has one several opens including the US and Canadian.

Something interesting about Ty , he says, ā€Iā€™m probably most proud of being able to adapt my life without vision in new ways and then sharing that with others who are affected by vision loss. I also am probably the most knowledgeable person in an antique ceramic called (spatter) where, which was made in the British pottery towns for export to their colonies.ā€