Tommy Marks Biography

Tommy Marks and Gerry Marks (U.S.A, B3)

Tommy Marks and Jerry Marks, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. Tommy Marks comes from Danville, Pennsylvania, U.S.A, and was born in the 1980s. His aid is his mother Gerry Marks.

Tommy learned how to play golf at the age of 10 years old at the hands of his mother Gerry. She is now one of his aids when he plays in Blind Golf events and it just so happens she is Tommy’s aid for the 2019 Vision Cup. Tommy was a High School
Golf District Champion and he also played collegiate golf for Bucknell University in Pennsylvannia. While in college at Penn State University Tommy was diagnosed with Stargartes Disease and has gradually been losing his vision ever since. Tommy and his aids have won every Blind and Vision Impaired Golf Tournament that they have entered in North America with in the B3 site category for the last 7 years.

Something interesting about Tommy is that he is father to two little girls. “As a visually impaired golfer, it feels great,” Tommy said. “It’s nice. It’s a testament to my family that brought me up in the game and I enjoy it and I love competitive golf.”