Paul McCormack Biography

Paul McCormack and Gerry McCormack (Ireland, B2)

Paul McCormack and Jim Kavanagh, Dublin, IrelandPaul McCormack comes from Dublin, Ireland and was born in the 1960s. His aid is friend, Gerry McCormack.

Paul has always been an avid golfer and is a proud member of the links in Portmarnock. He considers it an honour to bring the worlds best blind and visually impaired golfers to one of the best links courses in the world. His golf highlight was being the first Irish man to ever win the US Blind Golf open (2016), which he defended the following year (2017). He achieved another first, winning the British Blind Golf open (2017) in the same year. This win is even more memorable, as the British open was played in the Republic of Ireland for the first time.

Something interesting about Paul is that he was the chairman of the NYPD Gaelic Football Club for 10 years and hosted many teams and organisations traveling from around the world to New York during his tenure.

Paul and his wife, Nicola created a traveling exhibition called Ground Zero 360, which is dedicated to honoring the victims of 9-11 and their surviving families. The exhibition has been to over 30 venues around the world in the past eight years, including a tour of Ireland, Britain, Israel and the United States.

Paul and his wife Nicola have five children, Paul Jr. (15), Mikey and James (13), Bobby Dee (11) and their little princess Lola Jean (5). They live in Dublin, Ireland, and their world revolves around their kids.