Kiefer Jones Biography

Kiefer Jones and Deb Frey (Canada, B3)

Kiefer Jones and Deb Frey, Alberta, CanadaKiefer comes from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and was born in the 1980s. His aid is his mother, Deb Frey.

Kiefer began golfing at the age of 18 months. He lived on a golf course which is where he spent most of his time. He has golfed with Blind Golf for two seasons and says “I have been fortunate enough to play in numerous events winning low gross in the B3 category in the NSW Open, Australian Open, Italian Open, Canadian Open twice and most recently in the 2018 ISPS Handa World Blind Golf Championships. Kiefer says “As well, in the spring of 2018, I had my first hole in one as a vision impaired golfer”. Kiefer also says “To say the least, the past two years have been a very special and memorable golf experience and I am excited to represent team north america in the 2019 vision cup In Ireland.”

Something interesting about Kiefer is that in his first blind-golf competition in the summer of 2017, he had “the best round of my life” — a 4-under 68 at The Legends in Warman, Sask”. Kiefer says he does not let his disability get in the way of the sport he has loved since he was a baby”. With his talent, he is expected to play well all the time, which can be “nerveracking”, but is attitude is to “not think about that – just go play golf”.