Derek Kibblewhite Biography

Derek Kibblewhite and Chris Charbers (Canada, B2)

Derek Kibblewhite and Chris  Charbers, Alberta, CanadaDerek comes fromCalgary, Alberta Canada , and was born in the 1980s. His aid is …, his dad, Chris Charbers.

Derek joined Blind Golf Canada in 2014 and currently plays in the B2 sight category. Since Derek has started golfing in blind golf, he has won first low gross in the Canadian open, US Open, Japanese Open, Western Canadian Open and finished runner up twice in the World Championships.

Something interesting about Derek is that when he isn’t golfing, he works as an Account Manager for an IT staffing company in Calgary. Derek also enjoys Hiking, Snowshoeing, camping and believes that “just because you have a disability it shouldn’t hold you back from what you love to do”.