Darren Douma Biography

Darren Douma and Kurt Chenuz (Canada, B3)

Darren Douma and  Walter Harer, British Colombia, Canada (Vice Captain)Darren “Lefty”comes from Creston, British Colombia, CANADA, and was born in the 1970s. His aid is close family friend, Kurt Chenuz.

Darren has golfed since the age of 7. He worked in the golf industry for over 25 years before losing his vision. He found blind golf in 2013 and has been competing ever since. He has one the Western Canadian Championships, the Canadian Championships, and came close to winning the Australian Open and World Championships in 2014. He says he is “very proud to be representing team North America for my third time”. He goes on to say that he is “also proud of the work off the course by volunteering for our blind golf associations, along with our National blind associations advocating for those with vision loss. I am excited to visit and experience Ireland for my first time.”

Something interesting about Darren is that “ Outside of blind golf in 2018, I participated in many sighted club events. One such event was the club’s annual men’s match play Championships. Despite being partially-sighted ,I took on three tough single digit handicap sighted golfers. In the end, I beat them all to be the reigning club match play champion before attending the 2019 ISPS Handa Vision Cup in Dublin, Ireland. So sharing this story with the blind and VI youth of Ireland and Northern Ireland, I also share these messages: “Ability over Disability” AND “Believe & Achieve”. “You can do anything and everything you put your heart, mind, and soul into”.