Chiara Pozzi Biography

Chiara Pozzi and Leonardo Lembo (Italy, B1)

Chiara Pozzi and Leonardo Lembo, Milan ItalyChiara Pozzi comes from Milan, Italy and was born in the late 1940s ! Her aid is nephew, Leonardo Lembo.

Chiara lost her sight in 2004 after surgery, which caused permanent damage to her optic nerve. She began playing golf as a teenager. She tells us golf is a sport she “enjoyed very much”. Chiara achieved a 7 handicap and participated in many official tournaments run by the Italian golf federation, She won an Italian ladies championship and a team championship before becoming blind. Since joining the Blind Golf Tour, Chiara says that “during my blind golf experience I won 3 times the world ladies championship, 2010,2012,2018. Great results for a b1 lady”.

Something interesting about Chiara; She recalls the last time she visited Ireland, to play golf, at the 2014 Irish Blind Golf Open, in Roganstown. And says “The best out of all was the victory at Roganstown…, I posted the best overall net score”. She was awarded the Perpetual Trophy, and is the only non Irish person to have done so.