Billy McAllister Biography

Billy McAllister and Andy Dutton (England, B1)

Billy McAllister and Andy Dutton, Brighton, EnglandBilly McAllister comes from Northern Ireland, but now lives in Brighton, England, and was bron in the 1960s. His aid is his good buddy, Andy.

Billy has Been playing blind golf for 10 years in the B1 sight category. He lists the following “selection of achievements…so far”

  • British Open winner ( B1)
  • Laurence Levy Masters winner
  • English Strokeplay winner
  • Selected 7 times for England & Wales on the Auld Enemies Cup Team
  • Selected twice for the rest of the world team for the Vision Cup.

    He acknowledges his two main aids, Andy Dutton and Sandy McAllister, who have helped him on his way. He also acknowledges the work of his coach Anders Mankert from Leicester Golf Centre.

    Something interesting about Billy was exposed in an open and revealing interview he gave to The Argus, in February 2017 (Reporter: Steve Hollis). It was reported that ”McAllister’s world fell apart in 2009 when he woke up one morning completely blind. Within months he had lost his job, seen his marriage fall apart and was so depressed that he felt there was no reason to continue living. Taking up golf dragged him out of his pit of despair and seven years on the 47-year-old from Brighton is one of the best blind golfers on the planet”.