Andy Gilford Biography

Andy Gilford and Melanie Gilford (England, B2)

Andy Gilford and Mel Gilford, EnglandAndy Gilford comes from England and was born in the 1970s. His aid is his wife Melanie.

Andy started playing blind golf with England & Wales Blind Golf in 1998. During those first 4 years he had a lot of great experiences winning the British Open in his first year at Broadstone Golf Club, England and Captaining the England & Wales Oraganisation and International team in 1998. He says that “I then packed in playing for 10 years, and came back to taking up the game in 2012 with my wife Mel guiding. We have played in the last 3 Vision Cup Teams and represented England & Wales Blind Golf in matches against the Scotland team. My home club is Ham Manor Golf Club, England, where I also play in sighted competitions and have represented my club in sighted team competitions”. Over the years through blind golf, he goes on to say, “I have been able to travel the world while also making good friends along the way”.


Something interesting about Andy, he says that “I have been registered blind since birth, and having left school with no qualifications, I now run my own company as a business development consultant to a number of construction related companies in England. My message to VI youngsters is the only person stopping you achieving your dreams is yourself, anything in life is possible with drive and determination”.